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Highland Fling Bungee

Brainchild of trained jump master and adventure sports veteran, Murray Trail, Highland Fling Bungee takes the skill and the vision of experts and blends it with the iconic scenery of Scotland; from the stunning Perthshire Highlands to the strong, industrial heritage of Glasgow. It produces something entirely new in a country renowned for adventure sports - bungee in its truest form!

Launched in the Spring of 2011, The Highland Fling Bungee is the UK's first purpose-built bungee platform, plunging daredevils 40m (131ft) down to the River Garry below. Hot on its heels, the Titan Crane Urban Bungee launched on the banks of the River Clyde just one year later, taking jumpers up the Grade-A listed Titan Crane before dropping them 50m (164ft) back towards terra firma!

Bungee Jumping is a personal challenge. A state-of-mind. An exploration of limits. A few seconds of heart-thumping bliss. An experiment with gravity. Great, exhilarating, safe fun. Come and try it for yourself!

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