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Accelerated Freefall Skydive Full Course - Pro Package

Go straight to 'A' License. This is the ultimate package to get into the world of skydiving - AFF Levels 1 - 8 + 10 Consolidation Jumps.

Accelerated Freefall (AFF) is the fastest and most effective entry point to sport skydiving - in just one week you will go from a complete beginner to a Category 8 internationally licensed skydiver! Skydive Langar were the first school in the UK to teach this course - way back in 1985 - so you'll be training with the best!

The week commences with a full day of ground training with your instructor. After meeting your other students (a maximum of 3 per course), you will be spend the day working on the theory and practice of skydiving. You will be trained on entering/exiting the aircraft, freefall positioning, control and communication in the air, landing technique and safety procedures. There's a lot to take in, but the simulators and friendly atmosphere will make sure you have some fun in around all the learning! Before your first jump, you will be asked to demonstrated all the drills and procedures to your instructors until they are completely satisfied that you're ready to go, so when the time comes, you'll know exactly what to do!

Provided you pass the tests on day 1, the next day you will be making your very first solo skydive jump! The Level 1 skydive is made from 12,000ft, and you will be jumping with two instructors holding onto you - over the next 50-60 seconds they will continue to teach you using hand signals and direct in-air instruction - it's this in-air tuition that makes AFF the fastest way to qualifying, as you can learn and progress in real-time as you fall. When the time comes to pull your parachute, you will continue to be guided by your instructors via a radio fitted to your helmet - they'll be with you every step of the way! Upon landing back at the drop zone (DZ) you'll be debriefed by your instructors on your performance, and - if it went well - you'll start your training for Level 2!

The full AFF course comprises 8 Levels, which can be completed within a week of jumping (if the weather is good it can take significantly less). All the equipment you will need is provided, and you'll also receive your own altimeter, skydiving helmet, goggles and logbook to keep at the end of the course, along with British Parachute Association (BPA) membership for the year.

Upon completing your Level 8 jump, you will become 'Category 8' qualified by the BPA. It's then time to start your 10 solo 'consolidation' jumps in your own time, after which you'll be upgraded to 'A License'; allowing you to skydive independently anywhere in the world!

This package offers an excellent saving over regular AFF courses, and can make great sense in the Spring and Summer months - when the weather's good you can easily manage all 18 jumps within a week, getting you straight to A License and ready to start exploring the world from a whole new perspective!

It's a commitment, but - if you're ready for it - this is the gateway to one of the most amazing lifestyle sports going!

Duration (Exact): The AFF course is designed to take one full week to complete, however if the weather conditions are good it can be completed in significantly less. We recommend dedicating a week and using any spare time at the end to perform your first consolidation jumps. Any jumps not completed during this period can be performed at any time in the future (within the requirements of your consolidation).
Booking Availability: The centre is open seven days a week, almost 365 days a year. The team will contact you after booking to arrange the date of your course.
What's Included: This package includes your own altimeter, helmet, goggles and logbook. All other equipment is provided by Skydive Langar.
What You'll Need: We'd advise wearing full-length trousers and top (it can get cold above 10,000ft) and some good, outdoor footwear (trainers are best). Those with long hair should bring a hair tie. The AFF course takes a week, so if you're planning on staying in the area bring casual clothing for the evening.
Ability Level Requirements: No previous skydiving experience is required. A good head for heights is beneficial (but not essential)!
Physical Requirements: The minimum age of jumpers is 16, and under 18s must provide a signed copy of Form F106. The maximum age of jumpers is 55, and over 40s or those suffering from certain medical conditions must provide approval from their Doctor - Form 114a. The maximum weight limit for jumpers is 16 Stone/102kg, and they must not be significantly overweight.
Instruction/Guiding Details: You will jump with qualified instructors flying by your side until you are ready to go solo.
Getting There: Langar Airfield is 12 miles South East of Nottingham and 5 miles South of Bingham on the border of Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire. The Airfield is between the villages of Langar and Harby, and The Parachute School is located in the Control Tower building on the Airfield. There is a bus service from Nottingham, however the centre is best reached by car - there is plenty of parking on site. The AFF course takes up to 7 days, so if you plan on staying locally you will need to arrange accommodation for the week - AirBnB offers a range of accommodation options in the area. Camping is permitted on-site, however please mention your interest when the team contact you to confirm your booking.
Adventure Type:
Discover - Experiences & Tasters
Learn - Lessons & Qualifications
Explore - Holidays & Adventures
Bungee Jump
Conditioning & Fitness Training
Mountain Bike
Paragliding & Canopy Sports
River Bug/Hydrospeed
Road Cycle
Stand Up Paddleboard
White Water Raft/Tube
Half Day
Full Day
2-3 Days
4-8 Days
9-16 Days
17-30 Days
1 - 3 Months
3 - 6 Months
6 - 12 Months
Time of Year:
Adrenaline Rush: OMFG
Suitable Skill Levels:
Technical Difficulty (1 Easy - 10 Expert): 6
Physical Intensity (1 Minimal - 10 Extreme): 6
Minimum Age: 16
Maximum Age: 55
Instruction/Guiding: Full
Equipment Provided: Yes - Everything
Adventure Suggestions:
Adventurous Couples
Great for Mates
Girls Only
Young Adventurers
Gap Yahs
Professional Qualifications

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